NADH 10mg tablet

How does energy depend on NADH?
The billions of cells that form tissue and organs and therefore ultimately the body have an important assignment to produce energy. When our cells slow down or decline the most visible result is in tiredness or fatigue. As NADH is a part of every living cell, inside in cell is a process known as the ‘krebs cycle’, this combines NADH with Hydrogen to form ATP, your own body’s energy.

ATP serves as the most common and convenient chemical form of energy that is stored in every living cell. It acts like a biological battery that stores and releases energy when the body needs it. When cellular energy is required, ATP is broken down under the action of water to release energy. NADH is a very efficient producer of ATP.

Without a complimentary co-enzyme, the majority of enzymes are useless and will not produce complete protein systems for the human body. Unlike DHEA and Melatonin, NADH is a co-enzyme and not a hormone.


Herbalife QuickSpark( 10mg NADH tablet) triggers ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) – the main source of energy for cellular reactions via the ATP energy cycle (Citric Acid or Krebs cycle as it is known) and releases ATP energy at the cellular level. Everyone needs CoEnzyme 1 to fuel your cells so that your body can function and you can move your arms, blink, think and breathe!

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