Healthy diet for women

 I gave up smoking a year ago, starting running on a fairly regular basis, and had about 10-12lbs to shift, mainly around my middle, which I really struggled with.  Even though I was running regularly and doing Pilates and yoga I could not lose the muffin top and chunky arms.

When I heard about Herbalife, I was immediately interested, mainly because it advocates a healthy diet for women– I desperately wanted to repair damage done from 26 years of smoking and get myself back into shape – inside and out.

Within six weeks, I was down two dress sizes, from an average 12 to an 8 and lost 10lbs with minimum effort and maximum fun – it tastes so good!  The result of my body change was bigger than the loss in lbs. I have a waist and sculpted arms and flat stomach – not even in my 30s did I look this good!

The best result is my weight loss makes me look and feel fantastic – lean, fit healthier and younger than I looked years ago I’m positively radiant  – all my friends keep telling me! 

My daughter was so impressed with my results she is doing it herself – she had trouble shifting post baby weight and was constantly weak and tired. First 3 days she lost 3lbs! And the weight is still coming off as she gains in energy and stamina.

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