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Herbalife 24 Fit Workout

March 25, 2012

Weight loss is most effectively achieved through a combination of BOTH cardiovascular exercise (i.e., treadmill, biking, swimming) and weight training/strength training. While the cardio will get your heart rate up and burn calories, strength training brings great weight loss benefits, too. Strength training adds muscle mass to your body, and increased muscle mass means a […]

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Sports Nutrition For Women

September 30, 2011

Herbalife has launched its new product line, Herbalife24, a comprehensive sports nutrition program designed to meet the nutritional needs of the 24-hour athlete. Watch some videos from women athletes using the Herbalife 24 sports nutrition programme. Wow! What a month for Herbalife-sponsored athletes. Royal Air Force Officer Rachel Cadman, from the UK, broke a world […]

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NADH 10mg tablet

April 10, 2011

How does energy depend on NADH? The billions of cells that form tissue and organs and therefore ultimately the body have an important assignment to produce energy. When our cells slow down or decline the most visible result is in tiredness or fatigue. As NADH is a part of every living cell, inside in cell […]

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Healthy diet for women

September 25, 2010

 I gave up smoking a year ago, starting running on a fairly regular basis, and had about 10-12lbs to shift, mainly around my middle, which I really struggled with.  Even though I was running regularly and doing Pilates and yoga I could not lose the muffin top and chunky arms. When I heard about Herbalife, […]

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Get Rid of Saddle Bags!

September 9, 2010

“I set out to lose 25 pounds, and I lost 40!” “I started seeing ‘saddle bags’ on my thighs,” Kim Frahm recalls. “My size-14 clothes were getting tight. Even my dad was calling me his ‘fluffy daughter.’ ” So Kim decided to take action. “When I saw my dad totally change his body using the […]

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